A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A woman is married to a man who teases her about a locked Armoire that he keeps in her chambers. One night, while he sleeps, she decides to investigate the manor and open it.

The Team

Bethany Martin & Kylie Moses - Co-creators

Brent Hengeveld- The Composer

More about the Adaptation

The Website

Install instructions

Download the game PC/Mac.
Use the mouse to play. Drag and drop the inventory items to use them.


Armoire_Mac_5-5-2016.zip 64 MB
Armoire_Win_5-5-2016.zip 94 MB


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A great game, with a creepy story!! Loved it!!

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The Victorian era is one of my favorite times in history.  I love the fashion and the gothic appeal.  This game was very good in that was mysterious yet had undertones of romance and longings unresolved.  It was like stepping into an Edgar Allen Poe novel. 

Great little game. The lighting and thunder on the title screen were awesome.

Got Bluebeard vibes from the summary and was not disappointed. It's one of my favorite fairy-tales and I always enjoy seeing new adaptations of it.

Any time there was a fourth line of text, it was not visible.

Oh sorry we didn't really test for screen dimensions. There shouldn't have been any 4 liners...

The game only gives me one option for dimentions, 1920 x 1080.  I played in full screen mode.  There were a couple times where the text reached four lines, with the fourth line not being visible.

Love the style and the mood of this. Wonderfully creepy!

Loved the game:)such a creepy story!

Cool game, cool atmosphere ! But I have a question: compared to the graphics, they are originals ? Because we get the impression that they are recovered and redrawn from public domain illustrations (scanner pixels).

The art work was lifted from public domain and then recolored for the game. It a way it is true collage. 

This was quite a lovely game. The art and atmosphere were on point, and the backstory was quite intriguing. I loved every minute of it and can definitely see the bits of inspiration from the fairytale. Great job!

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ 

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Thank you for playing and all the kind words!

I love it! I was hoping it last  more! 

I left a rating but also wanted to comment to say that the art direction in this game is awesome! i love the atmosphere and the way that the story was in layers/the gaming mechanics. I wish it had been a bit longer but that's because I liked it so much! ^_^ I hope you guys do more games like this. 

Oh thanks, I actually did the art direction. My partner on the project did all the writing. Oh man, I really hope we do too but's she's gone off to work at Night School (the company that made Oxenfree). Thanks for commenting. :) 

Hello! My name is Blitz, and I'd love to do a Let's Play of this game on my channel if you'll allow that? If so, is it alright to also use YouTube's Partner program to place ads on said video?

Yeah, sure do it up!

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I liked the game a lot. The gothic vibe was great. I even made a gameplay.

This was a lot of fun! It has a great sense of atmosphere. I really enjoyed the writing, and the gameplay was suitably smooth.

Thanks so much!