A downloadable Interactive Musical for Windows and macOS

* * Cardamom's Demo * * play 50% of Cardamom's final story.

Cardamom is an interactive musical where the player, as a cat, becomes involved with the three tenants of a nearby apartment complex. Each tenant is dealing with their own struggles in regards to work/life balance, and through the player's interactions can come to realize the error of their ways or descend deeper into their unhealthy lifestyles. The game is similar to a point-and-click adventure game, but being a musical, it is also interspersed with songs from the tenants that lament their hopes and fears at different points during the game.


Mouse Only - Point & Click Adventure game style

Musical Numbers!


"Cardamom is the rare game where voiced characters will occasionally express themselves through music, and it adds an element of earnest charm to this cute game about a cat solving emotional problems in an apartment block." - PC Gamer 

"A little musical adventure with a big heart."- Alpha Beta Gamer


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cute story :) 

I love this game as much I love cats :)

I love this game !Susan's voice is perfect!Do the final game exist ?!

We are still working on it ! So no but some day

Really loved this game! How can you not be happy while playing this?

Wow, awesome thanks for playing!


Had a great time with game in the Let's Play I did! Super funny, super cute :3

Come check out the video! it'll be a fun time (。•̀ᴗ-)✧